• Pilonidal sinus

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    Asked by Saikumar, 5 months ago

    Sir, I have done kshara sutra before month and still continues.if their any problem if I eat eggs and meat.if their any diet chart sir.

  • pilonidal sinus

    1 Reply

    Asked by saikumar, 5 months ago

    Sir,I have done ksharasutra treatment for pilonidal sinus from upside to downside before month and four thread changings are over but recently there... Read More

  • Kshar sutra therapy

    3 Reply

    Asked by Onkar Wakchaure, 6 months ago

    My dad has undergone the kshar sutra therapy for 8 months old anal fistula on June 7th 2017.. How much time will it take to heal properly? Does it... Read More

  • Dipressed

    3 Reply

    Asked by Lokesh, 7 months ago

    Hello sir!! I am 21 years old student just done a stapler hemmorhoidectomy and fissurectomy and now sir I got an bump near my anus no pus at all no... Read More

  • Complex/Multiple Fistula

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    Asked by ashish, 1 years ago

    As per MRI I am having Complex/Multiple Fistula.I heard this type of fistulas are difficult to treat.Will Kshar Sutra be beneficial for me?

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